Two childhood friends, classmates and died with valor, the other lives to tell the story.

A Note of Dedication

"Naming no names, we dedicate this book to the women who waited for the Marines of the Vietnam War.  These words are for them.  For those who could not bear this terrible vigil, forgiveness.  For those who lived to see the welcome day, gratitude.  For those who keep till now the folded flag, acceptance of what was fated and could not be changed."
David & Lee Roy: A Vietnam Story
Written by Randolph B. Schiffer and David L. Nelson
Published by Texas Tech University Press (2011)

"Always there have been the wars.  And the wars have come to the young men, and the young men have made their choices.  In their turn, the wars have chosen.  The wars have said that some young men shall live and some shall die."

"David and Lee Roy tells a poignant story of two Marine officers:  one who served and died heroically in Vietnam -- the other who refused to let his memory die with him."
General James T. Conway, 34th Commandant, U.S. Marine Corps

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"The winds blow cold in Lubbock in March.  They blow dust from the west in the late afternoon, and the dust turns the skies dark brown.  The Continental Airlines plane came in from the east, bucking and heaving against the wind.  The aircraft made slow progress toward the crisscrossing asphalt runways of the Lubbock airport, set amidst cotton fields.  The pilot brought the plane down close to the cotton, the wind and the dust bucked the aged propeller blades, the wings flapped up and down, and the engines whined and groaned.  It was as if even the wind was saying no to the task that lay ahead."